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Tree of Life Sucks!!! | hungryzoo.com

Tree of Life Sucks!!!

I really like The New World and Thin Red Line! That’s why I’m so ticked off at Malick making the worst movie I’ve seen since Wolverine.

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11 Responses to “Tree of Life Sucks!!!”

  1. rcb says:

    Tree of life. Pretentious art house crap is more like it. Interminable.
    Stupid. 2001 meets Norman Rockwell is spot on.

  2. john says:

    Capital C Crap!

  3. lin says:

    i felt like i was watching a fucking screen saver.
    waste of money and time.

  4. Cantu says:

    Acting — you call this acting? What schlock!! Terrible movie. There was no narrative throughout the whole thing. I tried to be patient and kept thinking that maybe it would get better. No deal. It got worse, worse, and ultimately worse! My butt fell asleep, my legs went numb and I prayed for the ending. It didnt come until almost three hours later. I didnt even care how it ended because I wanted out of the theater so bad. People walked out. The best part of this movie was when it was over. WHen I got up to leave the theater nobody said a word. We all knew we had just been had. The movie didnt last long in Michigan — it was yanked out of the theater weeks after it opened.

  5. Adam says:

    The movie sucked monkey balls

  6. John Vico says:

    I just watched “Tree of Life” last night, and I was pretty stoked. The Thin Red Line is my favorite movie of all time, and I loved The New World, not only because it is a fantastic story about love and exploration and change, but because it reminded me of my native Virginia (I’ve been living in Asia for ten years).

    So, imagine how disappointed I was when I finally saw the “Tree of Life”. The Taiwanese couple next to me kept on whispering little jokes about when it was going to end, which I found irritating, until I realized that the movie was about to end and this was his summation, and I realized that irritating couple had been right all along. I was the only foreigner in the theater, and I walked out with my head slumped to my chest in shame!

    For some reason, although I was not in love with the Matrix, this reminds me of the first sequel (or, whichever one it was with the gun battle on the highway). The movie was cut up into boring twenty-minute chapters: mind-numbing chase scene, pseudo-philosophical conversation, fight scene, etc.

    Towards the beginning, I thought the movie had some promise, although I felt a slight twinge of fear that it was going to veer off into navel-gazing. I think that there might have been a good movie in all the footage that Malick is known for shooting, if he had edited it properly. But, I suspect that Malick can’t come to any convincing conclusions about Life, which is a pity, since I thought he did such a masterful job in the Thin Red Line!

    • Mark says:

      So proud of myself for having the guts to get up and walk out of that piece of crap 20 minutes in. Pretentious junk. I bet 50% of the people in the theater were thinking “I wish I could do what that guy is doing right now…”

      • Okie says:

        20 minutes into it I was thinking this movie isn’t what the trailer made it out to be. An hour into it I was thinking ‘when is there going to be a point?’ Two hours into it I was thinking ‘God when is the movie going to end?’ Two and a half hours into it I was thinking ‘This is the ending? This ending sucks and doesn’t make any sense based on what came before’. My husband and I were in hysterics leaving the theatre over what a terrible waste of time that was and for an ‘artsy’ filmed it SUCKED!!! Whoever wrote it is having some serious personal issues with the meaning of life and making the movie didn’t help. The acting was good, the plot line and juxtaposure of images at odd times was just downright bad.

  7. Mac says:

    We just saw this movie, and I’m glad we weren’t the only ones who felt like suckers. Your video was way more entertaining, we should have given you our $20 instead

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