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About Us

hungryZOO Interweb Comedy:

A brief, fabricated history:

hungryZOO was founded in January of 1901 by a duo of famed inventors. The poorly-spoken Duchess Abigail VonHoofborgen and H. Samuel Longboots. Once, while dealing with the immense pressure of outsiders expecting more from their tamed tap-dancing armadillo shows, Abby and Sam ran and hid inside of an industrial complex. After hours, huddled and snacking on the popcorn that Sam always kept hidden in his wooden arm, they realized they were trapped inside of the metal gate.

Without anyone available for help, there was only one answer, they must eat each other to survive. And they did. Cutting off each others’ extremities one by one and frying them in canola oil by the heat of the large press engine, they found themselves quite delicious. Unfortunately, Abigail’s hunger was insatiable and she ate just a bit too much of poor Sam. By the time they realized that the exit was on the other side of the small grate factory – hours later – Sam’s wooden arm was all that could be found among the nondescript puddles surrounding Duchess VonHoofborgen.

To this day, over 110 years later, “The Crazed Royal” still roams the eastern seaboard, preying on fresh “vitchtims”. And that’s why we make comedy videos.

hungryZOO – Marks of Excellence

  • THREE TIME WINNER – Millard Peabody Jenkins-Graham Award For Excellence In The Field Of Lying About Receiving Awards.
  • FIVE TIME NOMINEE – Champion of the People

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